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You have already set a date to visit Mendoza, you may even got your accommodation booked, and now it’s time to figure out the way to enjoy the city. At this point it is convenient to consider that choosing the best Mendoza city tour proposal will depend on which activity you feel more likely to get into: from being guided through the city’s emblematic squares to a wine tasting tour in some downtown winery, or maybe an adventure into the endless woods of San Martin General Park. There are lots of options, this are just some examples to start.

Everyone that has ever been interested on city tours in Mendoza should know that the main wine related activities are located at the city’s surrounding areas. Nevertheless, there are plenty of wineries among downtown streets open for visits and tasting high quality wines. Find the best options near your accommodation address and get to enjoy a Mendoza city wine tasting tour without long journeys in between.

If wine is not your thing and you feel more enthusiastic about visiting memorials and emblematic locations, you should know that Mendoza has a vast quantity of historical points to explore, and they are disposed all over the city center and it’s nearby surroundings.

The most varied range of City Tours in Mendoza

Of course we have to consider that not everyone has the same desires about things to do in Mendoza, and sometimes this can be reflected on prices. However, if budget is a priority for you, we have some affordable offers that will surely catch your attention. One of these would be a Mendoza city tour for tips, which consists in a city tour with a bilingual guide who will walk you into the main squares, pedestrian streets and the most colorful galleries. The price will be up to you according to the quality of experience you get.

As experts in Mendoza city tourism, we can guarantee that once you take a look at our programs you’ll find a perfect way to enjoy the best in the capital of wine. Take some time to check out each of them and discover the variety of Mendoza city and things to do in it. If you need assistance or advice on any detail about the tour your interested in, feel free to contact us using the chat box on this page.

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You’ll find different alternatives on Mendoza free walking tours, city tourism, gastronomic options, wine tasting and wineries to visit, walking tours and more in each program. See all the information about schedules, transport, meals included, duration and places to visit on each city tour in Mendoza. When you feel ready to book, go ahead!

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