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Adventure into Mendoza High Mountain Tours

As you surely know, the Argentinian province of Mendoza is well known for being one of the world’s capitals of wine. Nevertheless, we cannot talk about this beautiful city without bringing up the massive mountain presence given by Cordillera de Los Andes. So, if you’re looking forward to visit this wonderful corner of the world and get the best of it, Mendoza high mountain tours cannot be out of the travel planning.

Let’s start mentioning that mountain tours in Mendoza are often made up by different activities. The selection of these experiences will be entirely up to you, so getting a fast introduction about them should be very important.

Pick and customize your High Mountain Tour in Mendoza

The great variety of landscapes and mountain located environments offer a wide range of activities to enjoy this stunning places. Kayaking and rafting in Mendoza River, rappelling on huge stone walls, or even trekking to reach the mythical Aconcagua park are just some of our proposals. However, high mountain tours in Mendoza may also hold historical and memorial related activities for curious travelers. At this point let us mention that some of our mountain tour programs also combine wine tasting and typical gastronomic menus (yes, “asado” might be one of them).

You cannot miss being part of Aconcagua guided expeditions, mountain climbing adventures and full trekking days with professional bilingual guides and fully equipped facilities. To be clear, joining our mountain tours in Mendoza Argentina can be the perfect way to know places you ll never forget; the marvelous Inca Bridge, the Villavicencio Hostel and its  surrounding woods, Quebrada del Cóndor in Uco Valley and much other spots that only an Andes mountain tour can guide you into.

Experts in Mendoza Mountain Tours. Contact us!

As experienced travel concierges, we know that safety and health are the first concern on this kind of tours. That’s why all of our Mendoza mountain climbing programs and high mountain tours include personal insurance and medical assistance in case of any possible issue. Besides, our bilingual guides are perfectly trained to provide the proper help and advice if needed and without any distinction between, for instance, an Aconcagua climbing tour or a trekking expedition.

If you want to see detailed information about our high mountain tours in Mendoza, feel free to check out the programs available in this page. You will find proper data on each and every alternative to adventure into the endless Andes mountain range; prices, schedules, meals included, tour duration, transport, medical assistance and insurance, memorials and historical places to visit, safety equipment according to each activity and much more.

Doubts about any program of your interest? Please do not hesitate in contacting us for advice on any aspect; we’d love to get in touch with you. Once you feel ready to book, pick the high mountain tour you like and fill the information about dates and people so we can continue to take your request.

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